Fiddlesticks Golf Lesson Video Series #1

Tempe, Arizona Golf Lessons Update for February 16, 2010

The above voice volume is low, so please turn up your speakters. The background noise and sound is from the batting cages at Fiddlesticks.

Video Above:

1. Aim – The process of making the middle of your clubface aim at your target.

2. Alignment – The process of you [the golfer] to set-up square to your clubface. You are to “be” parallel to your target line.

2. Center – Is the midpoint between your shoulders, which extends vertically down to the ground and back up.

3. Always “swing” around your “center.”

4. Routine – The process of preparing for the shot that leads into your “set-up.”

Note: Set-Up is pre-swing fundamentals such as, grip, posture, aim, alignment, angle of shaft, stance, and ball-postion.

For more information on how to properly aim your golf club, please call or email me for help. I will get back to you within 24-hours – thank you.

Robbie Camacho

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