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Arizona, Phoenix Golf Lessons Update – March 7, 2010

Here is a list of ten excuses for not hiring a professional golf-swing coach in Arizona.

1. I tried it once, but wasted my money.

2. Too expensive.

3. The “golf pro” sucked.

4. My neighbor will help me. He is good. He shoots 85 – 90 all the time.

5. I will figure it out myself.

6. I have my golf mags and Internet to help me.

7. The golf pro tried to get me to change my grip. What a waste of $50 bucks, so never again.

8. I am not good enough for golf instruction.

9. I am happy shooting 30 over par, so why change that now.

10. What a scam, so I am not falling for “lessons.” Why pay the guy who I can beat.

Look, you may only need one session. If Tiger Woods and many other PGA TOUR pro’s pay their golf swing coaches, then why don’t you?

Better Golf In 2010,

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