Arizona Bunker [Lessons]

Golf Lessons – Phoenix, Arizona Update for Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here in the Arizona desert, the bunkers at most courses are very firm to hard sand [dirt]. Here is a swing thought [1] to help you to get out and to get the ball closer to the hole:


1. Tell yourself to “scrape” the sand, not “hit” the sand.

2. Allow for both arms to be slightly bent prior to your backswing. Why? Since you cannot ground your club in a bunker – your club-head will be above the sand on your backswing, and as you swing forward your arms will extend as your club-head enters the sand.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice. Most people don’t practice shots in the bunker.

If you would like help in learning to become a better bunker player, then call for help. One session may be all you need.

Happy Golfing,

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