To Forward-Press or Not…

AZ, Phoenix – Tempe – Scottsdale Golf Lessons: Update for Monday, March 15, 2010

Do you forward-press when you putt? Why not give it a-go? Here are some things to know about the “forward-press.”

1. The purpose of the forward-press: to get the ball rolling asap and to keep the putter-head low to the ground.

2. Your lead hand: back of left hand controls direction.

3. Loft on your putter: if you choose to “forward-press” you need at minimum 4 – 5 degrees of loft.

4. Forward-press [slowly] and have the putter go back at the same time.

If you would like to learn to be a better putter here in Arizona, then call to book a golf putting lesson. One session may be all you need to start saving strokes and shooting lower scores.

Better Putting in 2010,

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