Aim Your Club-face Before You Take Your Stance

Phoenix – Tempe – Scottsdale – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: March 29. 2010

Before you take your stance: Aim your club-face at your target, then square yourself perpendicular to your club-face before you take your stance. If you watch golf on T.V. you will notice the tour pro’s will always aim their club-face before they take their stance.

Most [amateur] golfers would like to be more consistent, right? When a student of mine makes the statement of: “I want to be more consistent,” I know what he/she means. What he/she means is: the ball-flight to be more consistent. However, the [amateur] golfer needs to be consistent prior to the start of the swing. In order to accomplish consistency, the golfer needs to establish a pre-shot routine by way of aiming the club-face, then taking the stance.

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Better Arizona Golf In 2010,

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