Chiropractic Care For Your Golf Game?

Arizona, Phoenix, Tempe, & Scottsdale: Golf Lessons Update – March 30, 2010

For the past few years I have been experiencing some discomfort in my left shoulder and neck. The pain wasn’t so bad that I could not play, but my range of motion was not where it should be. I happend to meet Dr. Dan Froerer Dr. Dan Froerer at a meeting for Arizona business professionals. As it turned out, I went to see Dr. Froerer at his office in Mesa. During the intitail vist I met his partner, Dr. Debra Pentz Dr. Debra Pentz , who happens to be certified by the Titlesist Performance Institute. The timing of meeting two experts in their fields could not have come at a better time.

My meeting with Dr. Pentz lead to a Titlesist Performance Institute screening. The experience provided me a better understanding of how to gain better flexibility and strength. After the screening, Dr Pentz provided me a video of my golf swing with a list of things to do by way of stretching for increasing my flexility and strength. After my time with Dr. Pentz, I met with Dr. Froerer for treatment for my shoulder pain and neck pain. I went through six treatments [3 times per week for two weeks]. I admitted to Dr. Froerer on my second visit that I experienced improvement after the first treatment. After 8 weeks, my range of motion has increased because my increased flexibility and strength. The results of my experience is increased distance will all my golf clubs, and I can practice longer without being fatigued when done.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Froerer and Dr. Pentz, then please contact them directly. I highly recommend both Doctors. Also, feel free to call or email me about my experience at Atlas Spine Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Better Golf for 2010,

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