30-Minute Golf Lesson For $37

Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, AZ Golf Lessons & Instruction Update: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If you are in need of [golf] help and are tired of “trying” to learn from watching free how to videos on the Internet, then why not pay for help? Is the cost of paying for golf lessons too high in 2010? For some folks it is, and I understand that. However, if you are passionate about the game and plan to play for the rest of your life, then a $37 investment for help solving your golf problems does not seem out of reach, right?


I cannot make a money back guarantee offer. Why? How do I know you are going to practice after the lesson? How do I know that you will not add “other” swing thoughts, or other swing techniques outside of what I taught you? How do I know that you will not seek “Internet golf help.” But here is what I will teach and instruct you to do for improving your golf swing and golf game.

1. Prove to you why your hands need to be applied onto your golf club correctly
2. Educate you on “your golf swing”
3. Explain “the swing” so that you understand what you need to do, not what you think you are supposed to do.
4. Teach you how to self-correct your error(s)
5. Evaluate your golf equipment as part of your lesson fee(s)
6. Provide help to you via phone and/or email for life

The above is not all I offer and provide. Look, your time and money is very important to you, right? If you still are on the fence, then all I can say is this: I am here to offer professional instruction and coaching at rates to meet your budget. I encourage you to ask questions, because I know you have many. Feel free to call or email me for the answers.

Happy Golfing,
Robbie Camacho
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