Eidolon Golf Offers More Options

Update: Arizona/Phoenix Golf Lessons – Thursday, April 1, 2010

One area of your golf game that does get enough attention is your wedge set. By now you know the benefits of custom fitted drivers, irons, and putters. But you can get your wedges [custom] fitted too. Eidolon offers more the one “wedge-flex” shaft – they offer the following: Firm, Regular, Seniors, Ladies, and Juniors. The shafts come in steel and graphite. Their premium shafts [KBS – steel and SCoR graphite by Eidolon] are slightly softer in the mid-section for optimum trajectories and enhanced feel and full shots and short shots.
Eidolon Wedges

FYI – Eidolon wedges are not discounted wedges, nor are they clones of other brand names. Eidolon is a name brand [OEM – original equipment manufacturer]. I have been playing their wedges for two years, and I can say they are the best wedges!

Are you interested in a wedge-fitting session? Would you like to demo Eidolon? Please feel free to contact me to schedule a time to meet and discuss how you too can play the best custom wedge(s) on the market today.

Best Golf In 2010,
Robbie Camacho

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