Arizona Golf Instructor Adds One-Month Program + Unlimited Range Balls

Golf Lessons Update – Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe: April 3, 2010

Arizona Golf Instructor, Robbie Camacho me - teaching now offers a complete one-month development program effective today, Saturday, April 3, 2010. The program is made up of [8] 30-minute instruction/coaching sessions offered twice per week for one-month. In addition to the lessons, the student will have access to *one-month of unlimited range balls. Your range balls are covered during the lessons and your [unlimited] practice. The total cost is only $360.00 per student.

Mr. Camacho believes two lessons per week is best as compared to the traditional “series” of one golf lesson per week. And, of course there is the cost savings of all the range balls you can play in 30 days.

The program is offered to men, women, and children of all abilities. This is the best Arizona golf learning program for all levels of play from beginner golfer, intermediate golfer, and the advanced golfer.

NOTE: The above program is only offered at Fiddlesticks. Please contact Robbie Camacho directly for booking.

Best Golf In 2010,

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