Golf Coaching Or Golf Lessons??

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update for Saturday, April 24, 2010

There is a segment of the amateur golfing population who will not seek help from a golf teaching professional. c

Here is a list of why they won’t and don’t.

1. “The golf pro will screw my swing up.”
2. “He will change my grip, and that will mess me up.”
3. “He will have me swing his way.”
4. “I swing my way, and his way only works for him.”
5. “Waste of money, I will buy a $400 driver instead.”
6. “I tried a top-100 golf magazine instructor and paid $150 for one hour and did not see any results.”
7. “I do not a need golf lesson, I can already break 90, so I will figure it all by myself.”

There is a difference whether you need golf lessons or a personal golf coach. Most golfers know that Tiger Woods does not take “golf lessons,” he has a golf coach.


Here is a short list of what I offer as a ‘Personal Golf Coach’.

1. Coaching you how to play shots out of a divot.
2. Coaching you how to fade, or draw the ball on purpose.
3. Coaching you how to putt better.
4. Coaching you how to drive the golf ball better.
5. Coaching you how to gain more distance.
6. Coaching you how to be a better bunker player.
7. Coaching you how to score.
8. Coaching you how to be be a better tournament player.
9. Coaching you how to self-correct your errors.
10. Coaching you how you can be a better golfer.
11. Coaching you how you can reach your goals and dreams.

Better Golf,
Robbie Camacho

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