Are You Keeping Your Head Down?

Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Friday, April 30, 2010

The next time your golf buddy says to you, “remember to keep your head down, and don’t move it.” Ask him why? His answer will vary from these statements:

1. Because you missed the ball.
2. Because you topped the ball.
3. Because you looked up.
4. Because you hit it thin.
5. Because you hit it fat.
6. Because you shanked it.
7. Because you are supposed to.
8. You will see the tour player keep his head down in the golf magazine.

The man [Jack Nicklaus] in the video below will move his head to his right before the club moves. Jack won 18 major championships by moving his head.

Watch LPGA Pro, Lorena Ochoa move her head:

I advise all my students to not keep your head down. If you would like to know why you do the following below, call or email me. And, it’s not because you didn’t keep your head down.

1. Why you missed the ball
2. Why you top the ball
3. Why you hit it thin
4. Why you hit the ground first [fat]
5. Why you shank
6. Why you are not consistent

Better GolfToday & Tommorow,
Robbie Camacho

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