Why You Won’t Improve Your Golf

Golf Lessons Update For Phoenix, Arizona – Friday, May 7, 2010

There seems to be a “mystery,” or “secret” that good players know that you don’t know. Well, I am here to tell you this:

There are no secrets to a better golf swing and better golf game.

Here is the truth and facts in no particular order:

1. You don’t practice.
2. You don’t practice your faults.
3. You don’t know what and how to practice.
4. You don’t practice your putting, chipping, pitching, and bunkers shots on a regular basis.
5. You don’t have enough time.
6. You don’t seek help in hiring a professional coach.
7. You hope and wish to improve, but you don’t.
8. You don’t put in the time to WORK on your golf swing and golf game.
9. You allow non professionals to help you in the form of “try this,” “do this,” “you need to do…”
10. You don’t ask questions.

11. You don’t ask why?
12. You don’t keep your score truly by the rules of golf.
13. You don’t putt the ball into the hole on all 18 holes [in stroke play].
14. You allow “others” to tell you what you need to do outside of the professional you have paid to help you.
15. You don’t use the training aides on the driving range you bought from the TV informercial, and/or Internet.
16. You don’t see any results from your purchase of “The Secrets of Golf” on the Internet for $37. Which was slashed to $37 from the original price of $497. WTF!
17. You don’t improve from reading the golf magazine articles.
18. You don’t commit to making changes for real lasting improvement.
19. You see the value of hard work in all areas of your life, but you don’t see the value of working hard on your golf game, right? Besides, who in the hell wants to work hard for hours a day on something stupid as GOLF?

Better Golf,
Robbie Camacho

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