What You Need To Hear If You [Really] Want To Improve Your Golf

Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe/Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Thursday, May 20, 2010

All the suggestions and tips from other golfers, books, magazines, and U tube videos may not help you improve.

Here is why:

1. In order for a suggestion or golf tip to work – the source offering the suggestion is presuming that your golf fundamentals are correct. You know – grip, aim, alignment, posture, stance, and shaft angle. And, presuming that you already know how to swing your golf club correctly.

2. The suggestion and/or golf tip will not work because you do not know what the solution is for real improvement.

3. You need to know the cause(s) of your error(s) in order to make adjustments and/or changes.

4. You need to KNOW the – WHY when a source is telling you to do something.

Q: What do you want fixed?

Q: What is missing from your golf game?

Q: What are you trying to do to fix your problems.?

Q: Are you willing to put time and effort to improve?

Q: Would you like the solution(s) to your swing errors?

Happy Golfing,
Robbie Camacho

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