Golf Lessons In Phoenix In The Summer Months

Yes it is hot here in Phoenix, Arizona, but golf still thrives. As the temps reach triple digits in the Phoenix metro area – you can play, practice, and take golf lessons in the early morning, or late afternoons. And, you can practice late in the evening as many Arizona golf driving ranges are open at night.

Here is a list to prepare to manage the Phoenix heat:

1. Sun screen.
2. Cap to large sun-hat, not only to protect your head, but neck, ears, and face as well.
3. Water, water, and more water.
4. Golf cart when playing.
5. Schedule your golf lessons early morning, or at night.
6. Sun glasses.
7. Long sleeve shirt. Yes, it is hot, but some folks will need more protection from the sun.
8. 9 holes is still golf.

Ponder this: If you improve your golf swing – you can improve your golf scores. And, the lower the score, the less time you will be spending in the sun and heat.

Robbie Camacho offers golf lessons in Phoenix year round. You can book Monday through Sunday from early mornings up until late evenings. For more information call Robbie at (602)n 828-GOLF (4653), or email him at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com.

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