Phoenix, Arizona Golf Putter Fitting

Update for Arizona Golf Lessons: As of May 25, 2010, I became certified as a GX1 Master Putter Consultative.

Yar Golf,
which is located here in Arizona is offering a better product for putting. I can attest that my putting dramatical improved since buying a Yar GX1 W-B putter. I welcome you too the experience of a Yar…

Why YAR Golf?

There is no marketing hype with this product. The product is based via physics and engineering. Well, you might say that all putters are engineered, right? Yar Golf has patented technology that is not rivaled by any putter in the world. The putter is also comprised of ergogenic science. What? An ergogenic product is any substance or mechanical device that is used with the intention of improving athletic performance. In particular, ergogenic products include anything employed to increase the body’s ability to produce energy or to speed the recovery of its systems from physical activity. An ergogenic aid is one designed to create a competitive advantage for an athlete.

What does YAR mean?

Easy to handle, responsive, ready, and lively.

Why a custom Yar putter?

*Comfortable posture via correct lie angle and length
*Correct putter grip via your hand size
*Ability to use with ANY putting method and/or technique
*Less stress both mental and physical
*Near perfect MOI (Moment of Inertia)

*Built for adaptive golf, beginners to professionals
*True immediate golf ball forward roll

If you would like to demo a Yar putter and/or would like to be fitted, then please contact me for booking. I am confident that if you purchase a Yar putter – it will be the last putter you will ever buy.

Robbie Camacho

Yar Golf Dealer/Fitter

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