Golf Scores: Two 59’s on PGA Tour

Golf Lessons/Instruction update for Phoenix, Arizona: August 3, 2010

Paul Goydos Shoots 59

Stuart Appleby Shoots 59

Despite the USGA’s decision to make a rule change concerning grooves; the golf scores on the PGA Tour have not gone up. In fact, there have been a number of record scores worldwide. I just do not get it. The USGA made a change in grooves? Every pro can play with golf clubs and ball of their choice. Look, Bobby Jones played with a wooden shaft, right? So, was it “unfair” that Jack Nicklaus played with a steel shaft and broke his records. Is it “unfair” that Tiger Woods may break Jack’s record of 18 major golf championships, beacuse he plays with a graphite shaft? Think about about it: Today’s equipment is superior, the golf courses are now maintained with superior equipment. Let’s face it, Jack Nicklaus admited he does not want Tiger to beat his 18 majors. Could Jack have been instrumental in the USGA’s new grove rule for 2010?

Robbie Camacho
Yar Golf Dealer/Fitter

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