Superio Golf Adds Fairway Shaft

Scottsdale Golf Lessons Update: Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I installed Superio’s new FW-36T Fairway Shaft in my Ping Rapture 5 fairway golf club last week. So here is my take:

1. Smooth feel.
2. I have gained 10 more yards carry distance.
3. Easy to work the ball from playing a fade to a draw.
4. Tighter shot dispersion.
5. I can practice longer with this shaft in my bag.

According to Superio: Superio FW-36T uses tour grade material, 36T carbon, which has very high elasticity for fairway wood shafts, combined with a MID kick point characteristic. What does all this mean? More fun!

I highly recommend this shaft as well all Superio’s shaft products. For more information about Superio, please contact me to discuss, and visit their website at for more information.

Robbie Camacho

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