Are You Ready To Quit Golf?

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

With all the resources available to consume golf help – you know, the Internet, books, videos (YouTube), Golf Channel, and golf lessons why is it that golfers quit? Golfers quit beacuse they just don’t get better. The golfer who improves to make better ball contact will continue with golf. And, if you think people give up on golf becuase golf is too expensive, well no that’s not it. The addicted golfer will find a way to pay for golf.

What about golf lessons, golf instruction, golf schools, golf swing coaches, golf training aides, and golf fitness trainers? Do you really need a golf lesson? Do you need to hire a swing coach? Do want to pay for someting that may not work? But what if paying for help does work?

Consider below if you are thinking about paying for golf swing/game help:

Golfer: I tried lessons before and it did not help.
My reply: Did you practice? Did you ask questions? Did you agree 100% of what the instructor was telling you what to do? Did you improve on the first lesson?

Golfer: I bought new clubs rather than spending money for golf instruction.
My reply: Do you know how to swing your new clubs? Are your new golf clubs fitted?

Golfer: I just don’t trust golf instructors.
My reply: Did you have a bad experience in the past? Why don’t you trust golf instructor(s)? Did he/she mess you up? Are you thinking that he/she may change your swing his or her way? Do you think you will get worse before you get better?

If you are on the borderline of quiting golf I extend this offer: Contact me to discuss. The cost to save a fellow golfer is worth my time, and your time with no financial cost to you. So now you are on the tee box…your move…

Robbie Camacho

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