The Internet Has All [GOLF SWING] Answers, Right?

Arizona {Phoenix – Tempe – Scottsdale} Golf Lessons Update: 1st Day of December, 2010

If you want or need help with your golf swing you can just go to the Internet for a possible solution. But will the golf article, tip, and video really be of help to you? Here is my take: In order for you to see real long lasting improvement the provider of the “tip” is assuming that your golf grip is correct, your aim, alingment, posture, stance, and mental approach is correct. Think about it.

Every month the golf magazines post NEW articles on how you can hit the ball farther, straighter, and better than ever. But as usuall most golfers don’t improve. The problem as I see it since the Internet is this: Most gofers want answers fast and the Internet is only seconds away from answers. Real improvemnet takes time and you must have a complete understanding of how to use the golf club proplerly by way of “swinging” the golf club properly. So how do you swing the golf club properly? Contact me and I will give you the answer.

Robbie Camacho

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