Ahwatukee – Phoenix – Tempe – Scottsdale Arizona Golf: Lessons / Instruction update for Monday, January, 31, 2011

Ping Golf now offers a forged iron. I had the pleasure of playing with the irons on the range a few days ago, and I was very impressed. The look and feel is fantastic.

The heads were shafted with the Rifle Project X 5.5 shafts, which is my correct shaft-fit. The irons are not just for the better player – they can be put in the bag of a high handicap player as well; as they boast a huge look for a forged club. The key with all golf clubs is to be fitted.

If you would like help with golf equipment that best suits you, then please contact me for assistance. You may phone or email me at your convenience.

– Robbie Camacho

Face Balanced Putters

Phoenix, Arizona Golf lessons/Instruction Update: Tuesday, January 18, 2010

Face Balanced Putter: A putter face that is pointing to the sky and runs parallel to the ground when the shaft is balanced on your finger as shown below.

A face balanced putter has no positive affect when in the playing position and while it is in motion. Just because you see in the photo above that the putter is indeed “balanced,” the putter is not stable when you swing it. What? Do this: grab your face balanced putter and swing it. Next: swing your putter normal [back to forward], then swing the putter in different playing positions until you FEEL it is the lightest and the FEELING of being very smooth. As shown below, the putter is the most stable and smooth when I swing it with the heel leading. Why? Because, that is where the face should be – the true feeling of MOI [moment of intertia], the ability of the putter to stay stable when motion is applied. However, you can’t putt with the heel leading.

So, do you want to putt better? Do you want a putter that is stable? Do want to two-putt and have less three-putts? Do you want to see your ball roll true – you know end-over-end? If yes, then I recommend you give YAR GOLF a test. Visit You will find that a Yar putter performs like no other, and that it is truly stable because of its near perfect moi [moment of inertia]. Yar is based on true science, not hype, and not science fiction.

Robbie Camacho,
Yar Golf Dealer / Fitter

Who Else Wants A Better Short Game?

Phoenix / Chandler /Tempe / Scottsdale / Mesa / Gilbert – Arizona Golf Instruction: Update for January 6, 2011

Do you believe you can lower your golf score(s) if you have a better short game? Are you tired of those blow-up-holes, or those holes where you give yourself an X on the card when you really would have posted a 11 on your score card? Are you embarrassed by those easy yet difficult chips, pitches, and bunker shots. And, what about the number of holes where you three-putt?

Well, if you answered YES to all the above, then what is holding you back from a seeing a professional for help? I know and you know that you really want to be a better golfer, especially when you put yourself in position to score. It’s 2011 so why not make this year the YEAR to improve.

For help and answers to how you can improve your short game, call or email me.

– Robbie Camacho