Yar Putter Receives Five Star Rating

Phoenix / Tempe / Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

YAR Golf’s GX1-WB Wide Body Putter received GolfTestUSA.com Highly Coveted Five Star Rating and Seal of Excellence

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being best) they rated each of the following criteria.

Accuracy: 8.9
Forgiveness: 8.9
Sound: 8.7
Appearance: 8.6
Feel: 9.0
Design: 8.8
Recommend: 8.7
Overall: 8.8
Average: 8.8

Distance Control: Each tester rated how much distance control they felt they had.

Alignment: Testers was asked to rate the alignment characteristics of the putter.

Accuracy: Testers rated how accurate each putter was.

Forgiveness: Testers rated how forgiving the putter was.

Sound: Each tester rated how they liked the sound of each putter.

Appearance: Testers rated the appearance of the putter.

Feel: Testers rated the feel of the putter during the putting stroke.

Design: Testers rated the design features of the putter.

Recommend to others: How strongly would they recommend each putter to friends or other golfers.

Overall Rating: The testers took into consideration what is important to them in a putter and gave it an overall rating. (This is not an average of the other criteria).

Overall Average:
A final category was added at the request of Golf Illustrated which is the average of the 10 criteria rated by the testers. We feel this average helps to give golfers an indication of how each putter performed taking into account all of the criteria in the test.

Over several years of testing GolfTest USA has determined that when subjective and objective ratings from our Test Administrators and the golfers taking the test are combined the overall rating is a very accurate indication of the actual performance of any particular golf product. There is only a small difference in the ratings yet even a couple of percentage points difference from one club to another is significant enough to indicate a club that performs at a superior level to other clubs.

For more information about Yar Putters, please visit www.yargolf.com. And, feel free to contact me for a demo. Thank you.

Robbie Camacho, PGA
Yar Golf Dealer / Fitter

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