PGA of America’s Free Golf Lesson Month

Phoenix – Tempe – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: May 11, 2011

The PGA of America has designated the month of May as Free Golf Lesson Month. You can receive one 10-minute golf lesson by contacting me, Rob Camacho, PGA golf instructor at 602-828-GOLF (4653).

You maybe asking yourself is ten minutes enough and is it worth the time. Well, according to Golf Digest here is a short list of ten things you can learn:

1. How to stop slicing off the tee
2. How to check where you’re aimed
3. How to get in a good setup
4. How to slow down your swing
5. How to hit it solid off the turf
6. How to play out of the rough
7. How to use a hybrid club
8. How to get out of a bunker in one swing
9. How to chip with different clubs
10. How to develop a feel for putting distance

If you would like help in any area of golf, then please ask. I look forward to helping those who inquire.

Note: range balls are not included.

Rob Camacho

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