Shaft Angle At Set-Up

Update: Phoenix / Tempe / Arizona Golf Lessons for July 14, 2011

In the images below you will notice the shaft [angle] varies from club-to-club. But what does influence the shaft angle? The lie angle and length of the club determine shaft angle at set-up. You will see in image #1 [wedge] that the shaft angle is leaning forward, while image #4 [driver] the shaft is leaning back. Another influencer of shaft angle is your stance-width.

Set-Up [Wedge]

Set-Up [7 iron]

Set-Up [4 iron]

Set-Up [3 fairway]

Set-Up [Driver]

If you are not sure about the correct shaft angle at set-up, please feel free to contact me for discussion.

Robbie Camacho, PGA Golf Instructor

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