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Golf Lessons Update: Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe for September 1, 2011

This post is for those golfers who are frustrated when it comes to bunker shots. Here in the Phoenix metro area you may find that the texture in the bunkers vary from course to course. From hard, bare, and crusty, to soft, and really soft. So, what do you do? And how do you practice when it comes to the type of sand. Well, here is what you can do: make a phone call to your nearest golf course and ask the golf shop staff. They pro’s in the shop will inform you if they do have a practice bunker, and then just ask what is the texture of the sand like.

For firm to hard: you need a wedge that does not have a lot of bounce. But how can you tell if you have too much bounce.

Here is how: Image 1

Notice that the *trailing edge is lower than the *leading edge. This wedge is best for firm/hard/bare sand.

Image 2: Notice that the *trailing edge is higher than the *leading edge. This wedge is best for soft to really soft sand.

*Trailing Edge – The trailing edge is the very back part of the sole of a golf club. Literally, the trailing edge is the edge of the clubhead that is bringing up the rear (trailing) during a swing.

*Leading Edge – The front-most edge of the sole of a golf club. Literally, the edge of the club that leads in a swing.

For help on bunker shots please feel free to contact to discuss.

Robbie Camacho, PGA Golf Instructor
Dobson Ranch Golf Course
Mesa, AZ

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