Golf Pre-Swing Set-Up

Update for Phoenix, Mesa Golf Lessons at Dobson Ranch: Monday October 17, 2011

Golfers: Are you set-up correctly? And what actual does set-up mean?

Set-Up: To be in a “ready” athletic body/golf club position prior to the start of the golf swing. Below is a list of items that make up the “set-up.”

Grip [proper placement of the hands and style of grip – ten-finger, overlap, or interlock]
Posture [posture will vary depending on the golf club to used at time of shot, and if you grip-down to make the club shorter]
Stance [type of stance – open, closed, or square, and width of stance]
Aim [aiming the center of the clubface at target. The leading edge of the clubhead to be perpendicular the ball-flight line]
Body Alignment [body facing ball-flight line with toe-line, knees, thighs, hips, arms, parallel to ball-flight line. Note: shoulders on the same plane as the ball-flight line]
Ball Position [back of stance, forward, or middle of stance? The golf club itself will determine the ball position by way of its length and lie angle. Also the body plays a role as well. And preference by the player]
Hand Position [both hands “centered” between the shoulders]
Shaft Angle [shaft angle leans forward with the shorter clubs, while the shaft angle leans back with the longer clubs. Note: length of club, lie angle, body determine]
Balance [weight distribution, static, and dynamic]

The best way to seek improve with your golf swing is to have a good “set-up”. If you woukld like help please feel free to contact me. A golf lesson on “set-up” may just be what you need for a better golf swing.

Robbie Camacho, PGA Golf Instructor
Dobson Ranch Golf Course

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