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Phoenix / Mesa / Arizona Golf Lessons Update: June 24, 2013

Haven’t you said this to yourself:

I hit the ball good on the range, but I can’t take my swing to the golf course.

I would be a better golfer if I can take my driving range swing to the golf course.

And this one: I wish I can hit the ball this good on the golf course…

Well, the above statements are very common. That is why on the golf course instruction and coaching can make a big difference for the better. Recently I gave a 90-min. playing lesson and two days after my student shot his best score ever with an 82. One week prior he shot rounds of 102 and 92.

The playing lesson is valuable to me just as valuable to the student. I get to see what he or she does while playing the game. The golf course is the best place to learn how to play and how to play shots that can not be produced on the range. Think about this: most golfers don’t practice. Most golfers don’t play that often. Most golfers don’t know how to practice. But all that can change with on the golf course coaching. After the play lesson, I will go over the key areas for improvement and what to practice and how to practice.

The golf course is where we play, but we practice on the range to learn how to play. Other sports we practice and play on the same field or court. May not be the same venue, but you get my drift…basketball the rim is 10′ from the floor, football field is 100 yards long, tennis court same dimensions, track and field, etc..

Another benefit of the play lesson is that I can see all areas of your game. Many golfers have never had a putting lesson or bunker lesson. One slight adjustment can be life-long-lasting. Also, I video record some of your swings (full swings – driver and irons, short game and recovery shots). That way you can see what your swing looks like while playing.

For on the golf course instruction/coaching and a game improvement plan contact me to discuss and/or book at (602) 828-GOLF (4653) or email me rcamacho at

Cost: $199 for 9 holes

*Special: $299 for six hours of instruction (can be used for playing lessons)

*Special offer ends 7/31/13

Robbie Camacho, PGA Professional

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