Fall Special – Short Game School In Mesa, AZ

Golf lessons short game school update – Mesa, AZ for Fall of 2013


The Fall Special of 2013 Short Game School is now open! What is it? This program is all about the scoring zone. What is is scoring zone? The scoring zone is 100 yards from the hole and eventually in the hole.

The short game is comprised of putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker (sand) play. This one day short game school is two hours. You will learn proper technique and fundamentals for all areas of the short game.

What you will learn…

Putting – setup, long putts, short putts, mid-range, strategy, and reading the green.

Pitching – setup, club selection, basic pitch, flop, lob, recovery, and strategy.

Chipping – setup, club selection, basic chip, bump and run, recovery, and strategy.

Bunker (sand) – setup, club selection, options of how to play the shot, specialty shots, recovery, and strategy.

This school of the short game is designed to build confidence, and skill building. If you are struggling or just do not know how to improve in the above areas, then this is school is for you.

You will also learn how to practice and what to practice for long lasting improvement and for lower scores.

How much?

$100 for one golfer

$65 (each) for two golfers

Robbie Camacho, PGA Professional

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