Golf Instructor, Golf Teacher, or Golf Coach


Mesa, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: October 14, 2013

So what is the difference between a golf instructor, golf teacher, or golf coach?  I will start with “Coach.”  Well, most golfers associate term coach as someone who helps a team such as high school, college, national team , or individuals who compete.

The golf instructor is person who teaches a subject and/or skill.

The golf teacher is a person who teaches a person about certain subjects.

On the PGA Tour – you may or may not heard the term, “Swing Coach.”  A “swing coach” is a person who helps a professional golfer improve ball flight.  A professional golfer may also hire a “short game coach,” and some hire a “putting coach.”

A PGA Tour Coach – may cover all areas of a players game.

As a PGA Professional – I consider myself in no particular order, a teacher, instructor, coach, swing coach, short game coach, putting coach, metal coach, emotional coach, and friend.

If you a serious, not curious about improving your golf swing, golf game, and overall enjoyment of the game, then I can be of help.

For no risk, I offer a free 30-minute session.  Please call to book.

Robbie Camacho, PGA Professional

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