Golf Interview At Fiddlesticks in Tempe, Arizona

Arizona Golf Lessons Update – December 17, 2009 Yesterday I interviewed James on the driving range at Fiddlesticks. The purpose of the interview is to learn from others as to how real golfers practice on the driving range. I will feature one “driving range interview” per week here at, so keep coming back to watch. “James Interview” Happy Golfing,

New Golf Club(s) For Christmas?

Arizona, Phoenix Golf Lessons Update: Thursday, December 11, 2009 I made it my goal to offer golf swing help and golf game help to all golfers. So here is my 2009 Christmas offer: If you receive a new golf club or a set of golf clubs for Christmas, then I will offer you a 45-minute lesson at no lesson fee….

Women's Golf Equipment

Phoenix – Scottsdale – Tempe – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Wednesday, December 10, 2009 Are women’s golf clubs that much different than men’s golf clubs? Can women play with men’s clubs? Can a man play with women’s clubs if he so desires? So, what’s the deal? Women’s Golf Clubs 1. Generally lighter as far as shaft weight and overall weight….

My Student Receives A Rude Awakening At PGA Tour Store

Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 9, 2009 A few weeks back my student told me about a horrible experience at PGA Tour Store. According to my student, the story goes like this: Jeff [my student] walks into the PGA Tour Store with all good intentions of buying a new driver. So, Jeff walks over to the hitting bays and is…

Golf Lesson Gift Certificates For Holiday Season '09

Phoenix / Scottsdale / Tempe / Arizona Golf Lessons Update: November 27, 2009 We are in the [golf] Holiday Season for 2009. This year I am offering three options for golf lesson gift certificates. You can see by clicking here. As we close another golf year — we as golfers are always striving to get better. So my question to…

Do You Have The Guts To Work On Your Golf Game?

Phoenix / Scottsdale Golf Lessons Update: Monday, November 23 2009 You may have put in hard work in your education, your body, your profession, and yourself [mind, body, spirit]. But do you put in the hard work ethic as you have done in other areas? You may have many reasons why you do, or do not work hard on your…

 Play Private Golf Courses Without Being A Member

Golf Lessons in Phoenix, Arizona update: Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Would you like to play a private golf course? But you can’t get on because you are not a member. Well, now you can, thanks to boxgroove. To join is simple. All you have to do is sign up and pay just $49 [first 2000 golfers] for a 12-month subscription….

Don't Dismiss This Golf Ball

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: October 25, 2009 The Precept Laddie For two dozens balls under $20.00 you can go wrong buy these golf balls. This is the best cheap golf ball I have ever played. When I say cheap, I am referring to the cost. This ball is durable and has great feel [softer than you would think, no…