Quotes From The Playing Lesson Pro

“Funny how one 30-handicapper giving swing advice to other 30-handicapper.”

“If you have to think about it, then your game cannot improve.”

“A golf lesson is not always a swing lesson.”

“Let me give you a playing lesson, not swing lesson.”

“You need to learn to score from 30 Yards around the perimeter of green.”

“Awareness is being aware of what you are doing while doing.”

“I want all my students to know for certain why they hit good and poor shots.”

“You have to want to get better, not hope and wish to.”

“Never underestimate a weird looking swing, because he or she may kick your ass.”

“Think about the time you put in on other areas of your life to reach success and what you did to sacrifice.”

“Take a lesson on punching out from the trees, I am serious,”

“Do you want cheap, or results?”

“If you say its too expensive, then add a zero at the end of my fee.”

“We all want to hit it farther.”

“So you want to be consistent, you already are.”

“You say you don’t take golf too serious, but you have $2,500 worth of new gear…”

“Stop making excuses and find solutions.”