What Can I Help You Acheive?

What would you like help with?

Please note that a lesson does not mean that I tear your swing apart. A lesson can dramatically vary from one person to another. Topics can and will vary.  A lesson is not  always  “swing lesson”.  And not always a “what’s wrong with my swing lesson”.

What parts of your game do you believe or think you need help with?

A lesson and/or coaching session with me will allow for you to fully understand what is causing your errant shots, or scoring issues and challenges.

You will improve the day of your lesson/coaching with me.

And YOU will learn to understand why you experience good shots and not so good shots.

Too HOT outside? I can start as early as 5:00am.

Evening: The back of the range has shade by 5:30pm.

Is scoring a priority?

Have you ever had a lesson on how to aim and how to prepare to swing?

What about your on course performance?

Have you ever experienced a playing lesson? I do offer this service.

Do you feel your results should be better?

Would you like a lesson on ball flight?

How about a non swing lesson? What?

Would you like to Purposefully HIt Low Smashing Drives into the wind?

How about learning how to get your ball to check-up with more spin with your wedges?

Wouid you like to learn how to play recovery shots?

Would you like to chip the ball closer to the hole?

How about a confident short game?

How much time do you practice putting?

How much time do you practice 20 to 50 yard pitch shots?

How much time do you practice bunker shots?

Do you know how to play from various lies such as; uphill, downhill, sidehill, and unusual lies?

What does it take to break 100, 90, 80, 70?

Would you like to 3 putt less?

How about learning to play with a scoring system that will travel with you to any golf course you will play?

How to learn to hit the ball higher on purpose?

How to play the bunker shot when the sand is more like concrete?

What about playing a lob or flop shot when close to the green?

Do you seem to perform better on the range than the golf course?

Do you have blow up holes every time you play?

Would you like to know how to reduce those blow ups? I can help you reduce and easily eliminate…

Are you frustrated and on the verge of quitting?

Has anyone told you to keep your head down?

What about keeping your lead arm straight (left arm for right handed)

Has anyone told you to keep your head still?

How about this one: don’t move your head?

Woukd like you like longer tee shots?

Wouid you like to be more consistent?

Do you know how far your ball goes?

Woukd you like to know how to train?

Woukd you like to hit a variety of shots on command?

Woukd you like to practice less and still play well?

Would you like to know how to coach yourself as well as others?

Tired of searching YouTube and not seeing the results on your own?

Would you like to learn how to improve your course play?

Would you like to play embarrassment free golf?

Would you like to beat your buddies?

Would you play more if you played better?

Contact me. I can and will help you succeed.

On the fence?

Not sure?


Well, feel free to call me for a brief phone consult at no charge.

A large bucket of range balls is $10. The range balls are included during the lesson, so your investment of $40 1/2 hour lesson becomes a net $30 investment to better golf.

I welcome the opportunity to be of help.

Coach Rob